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How to Win as a Buyer in a Seller’s Market

4 Ways to Successfully Position Yourself
When Buying Your Home

  1. Work with an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent
    An Exclusive Buyers Agent is a type of real estate agent that only works for buyers and never for the seller. What is a Exclusive Buyer Agent?
  2. Make Firm Decisions About Your Budget
    Decide about your price range and don’t waiver from it. Remember that the home that is $20K above your limit will always be more attractive!
  3. Do the Research
    We can help you with this. We take the complex and simplify it for you!
    (See Our Homebuyer’s Guide)
    That home you’re interested in: Is it the most expensive in the subdivision? How long does it typically take for a home to sell in this area? What are the sellers currently getting for their homes in this area? Does the square footage of the home as large or smaller than surrounding homes that have sold in the past, etc.
  4. Understand Your Competition
    Those nice people that you’re bumping into at an open house?
    They’re actually your competition! Are you more prepared than they are? Do you have the knowledge of what’s going on in that market? Whoever has the data has the competitive edge. Whoever has an Exclusive Buyer Agent on their side also has an advantage.
  5. Get Set Up with Coming Soon Homes for Sale Notifications
    Many homes are selling within 1-2 days. Get notfied about a coming soon home for sale BEFORE they start showing and beat competing buyers!
    Get details here

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