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How to Find a Home’s Risk Factor for Flooding

New Flood Risk Tool for Home Owner and Homebuyer Research

Risk Factor (also known as “Flood Factor”) connects individuals to comprehensive flood risk information specific to each individual property, including the FEMA flood zone and a risk score between 1 (minimal risk) and 10 (extreme risk).

Key Points About Flood Factor

  • According to the National Association of Realtors, Flood Factor™ is a credible diagnostic tool that can help detect more high-risk properties than FEMA maps alone. It can only provide a strong indication and not proof of a flooding problem.
  • In order to confirm the risk or specific issues with a property, clients should consult a qualified flood professional, such as the local floodplain manager, home inspector, or licensed surveyor/engineer.

Click Here to See What Flood Factor Says About Your Home or a Home You’re Interested In

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