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The Thrill of the Deal-Finding Black Friday Bargains and Real Estate Discounts

Why We Love Black Friday Bargains

Everybody loves a good deal. There’s something psychologically satisfying about finding and scoring a bargain, whether it’s getting 50% off a big-screen TV you’ve been stalking for months or perhaps a home that has finally dropped into your affordable price range in a neighborhood or school district you’re interested in. Humans naturally love feeling like they got something extra or beat the system.

Using FOMO or Fear of Missing Out on Black Friday Deals and Real Estate Listings

Black Friday retailers use “Limited-Time” offers to create FOMO in customers. Real estate listings for discounted homes in competitive neighborhoods also employ this tactic. Savvy buyers must ignore FOMO language and make smart decisions.

How to Find Homes that Have Recently Lowered Their Price

While Black Friday deals are advertised everywhere, real estate discounts are much harder to spot … until now. Check out the Price Checker

With Price Checker you choose the city, choose the time frame ( 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks), press Search.
That’s all you have to do! If you want more information on any of the homes to find out what the typical days on the market are, and what surrounding homes have been selling for just email us or call 636-532-4200.