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St. Louis LifeStyle Search – Finding the Best Location for Your New Home

Using Lifestyle Preferences In Your St. Louis Home Search

Every so often innovation bursts upon the scene and changes the way we do things. Lifestyle Searching is about to do that for St. Louis home buyers.

For the last couple of months we have had the privilege of testing this intuitive real estate search engine and are blown away as to what it can do.  Just a few days ago we became one of the first real estate companies in St. Louis to go live with all active homes for sale.

St. Louis Lifestyle Search

Simply put: You can now search for homes based on the activities and locations that are important to your daily life.  Would you like to live within a mile of your child’s school?  Like to find a place a half mile from Starbucks, a mile from your gym, your church, or your future place of employment?  Now you can, with targeted information that combines your lifestyle preferences and activities … and then shows you  the homes that are for sale in that area.

Lifestyle Searching Adds Another Dimension to Home Searching

St. Louis Lifestyle Searching adds another filter to your home searching results.  Think about what you do on a daily basis, where you shop, where you drive, where do you hang out for fun, etc. Too often these important life impacting factors are left out of the home searching and buying equation.  I personally like where I live because I can get to a park, shop at Trader Joe’s, drop by Barnes & Noble, or swing by Imo’s for a pizza all within 10 minutes.
Traditional home searching is kind of like viewing a regular (2D) movie at the theater.  St. Louis Lifestyle Searching is like putting on the 3D glasses and seeing things in a new and different dimension.

Ready to get started?  Click on over to the next page and watch our St. Lifestyle Search in action and see actual search results.

St. Louis Lifestyle Search in Action

Here’s a quick video to show where all of the Starbucks are in the St. Louis area and the homes for sale within a mile of the store.

Click for the Video “I Want to Live Near Starbucks”

When you do your own searching you can replace the term “Starbucks” with Dierbergs, Schnucks, Lowe’s, or any other type of store and/or service you”re interested in …basically whatever you want!

Using St. Louis Lifestyle Search for School Information

School information is one of the most important items a home buyer wants and needs to know.  Check the live results below and see  a sample of how our St. Louis Lifestyle Search can help you get the information and home locations you’re looking for.

I want to live within a 2 mile radius of Francis Howell Central High School in St. Charles

Homes for sale in the Rockwood School District (Tip-Zoom in to See Homes)

We hope that you will try out the Lifestyle Search.  Helpful videos area available to guide you if you get stuck at any point in your search. Finding Homes for You is an Exclusive Buyer Agent company  dedicated to you, the buyer.  We only work for buyers and are here to help you buy your dream home.  Remember the old expression , “Remember the person who brought you to the dance?”  Please remember us and call if you would like to see any of the homes on our site.

We’ll help you find it … and we’ll help you buy it!  Call 636-532-4200 Today!

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