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When are Peak Times for Online Home Searches in Missouri?

See the peak times that people are looking for homes in Missouri

See the peak times that people are looking for homes in Missouri

 When Does Online Searching for Homes for Sale in Missouri Start Heating Up?

Trulia, the online real estate giant, recently published the results of 6 years of search history focusing on house hunting patterns.  When do home buyers start looking online, which months are the peak times for activities, and does it change from state to state?

On a national level: home searches online peak in March and April. After a slight dip in May, there’s a second peak in the summer months of June and July. As the year ends, search activity drops off. December (who wants to venture out in the snow?) is the slowest month, followed by November. 

At the state level: the peak month for search activity ranges from as early as January to as late as August.  January, is Hawaii’s peak month for search activity while February, is the top month for search traffic in Florida.  Click the map above to see state by state comparisons

The 3 Hottest Months for Online Home Searches in Missouri

  1. March
  2. April
  3. July

Missouri follows the national pattern of peak months in March and April for home searches. May and June dip a little, then kicks back into gear in July.  Why is that?  In our opinion, after working with buyers for more than 10 years, home buyers who want their kids to relocate to a different school district before the next school year start shopping/researching … early. They aim their move to have the kids in place and ready to start school.

 Will There Be More Competition Between St. Louis Home Buyers in 2013?

Unlike, the gentleman in the photo, we do not have a crystal ball nor predictive powers.  However, there are factors in play that could lead to more competition between buyers this coming season.

  • 1. After being in an underground bunker for a couple of years, sellers are seeing home prices rising and have more confidence to put their home on the market. Once they sell … they will join the ranks of buyers.

2. Interest rates are still amazingly low while consumer confidence is rising fueling more buying and selling.

3. Buyers have pretty much seen prices bottom out while rents are going up. Once again it makes more sense to buy than continue to rent.

What You Should Do Now if You See Yourself as a Buyer in the Coming Season

  1. Talk to a lender and get pre approved for a loan.  You’ll have your paperwork ready when the right home comes along enabling to to take action. Just as important, you will know what price range you should be shopping in.
  2. Pick a couple of areas you are interested in and familiarize yourself with that local market. Find out what you can get for your money, are home values increasing or decreasing, and how long are homes taking to sell, etc. (We can help you out with this)

Finding Homes for You is an Exclusive Buyer Agent company who only works for you, the buyer.  We never represent a seller and look forward to helping your home buying experience stress free.  Call us at 636-532-4200 for more information.

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