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St Louis High Schools-The Top 5 Ranking in Missouri

Top Missouri High Schools

 St Louis Best High Schools Ranking in the Top 5 of All Missouri High Schools

U.S. News just released its  annual Best High Schools Report. St. Louis area schools won the top 5 positions. The survey reports  Metro Academic and Classical High School in St. Louis was No. 1; Clayton High was No. 2; Kirkwood High took No. 3; Marquette High in Clarkson Valley was No. 4; and Eureka Sr. High was No.5. With over 500 High Schools in Missouri this is a noteworthy accomplishment.

Check out the statistics/ratings and at the bottom of this graphic you will find links to homes that are for sale in each district

Top  5 High Schools in Missouri

   St. Louis Real Estate by School District

Local school districts and their rankings can help enhance the value (and resale value) of an area.  If you are thinking about relocating your family and you have, or will have high school children … why not try to get into the ranking areas?  The links below will show you homes on the market.  The data is refreshed every 24 hours so save this post and refer to it for the latest listings.

Clayton School District Homes for Sale

Kirkwood School District Homes for Sale

Marquette School District Homes for Sale

Eureka School District Homes for Sale

Exclusive Buyer Agents in St Louis

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