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St Louis the Best City for Cheapskates

cheapskate walletKiplinger Magazine Lists St. Louis in the 10 Best Cities for Cheapskates

Is it a challenge to open your wallet? Have you been called a “penny-pincher”,”tight-wad” or even worse, a cheapskate? In times past, this was considered a derogatory name, but in today’s’ economy it could be a badge of honor.

Where is the Best Place to Live if You’re a Cheapskate?

Kiplinger CoverHow did Kiplingers come up with St. Louis as a great place for cheapskates?

They searched for cities where the living cost was well below average and incomes were above average. Really, how could a cheapskate resist this combination?

Besides factors mentioned above, winning cities had to have a lot of public libraries and museums which are have either free or low admission costs. For shopping, they counted all of the Dollar Stores (a frugal favorite) within a 10 mile radius of each locale.

What Were the Top 10 Picks?

In order: 1. Omaha Nebraska 2. Ogden, Utah 3. Des Moines, Iowa 4. Columbus, Ohio 5. Raleigh, N. Carolina 6. Cincinnati, Ohio 7. Salt Lake City, Utah 8. Austin, Texas 9. St. Louis, Missouri 10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

What Helped St. Louis Win the Award?

Median Home ValuesHousing was the biggest contributor to the affordability of St Louis according to the Apartment RentsCouncil for Community and Economic Research.
St. Louis housing-related expenses fall 27% below the national average. The median home value is $160,400 which is $25,800 less than the national average while apartment rents are about $766/month versus $1,110 for the nation.

Be Encouraged All You Cheapskates

If you’ve ever been tarnished with the name of  “Cheapskate” you can now lift your head high and get the respect you deserve.  If you’re living in St. Louis … you can be doubly proud as your fair city is nationally recognized.  If you’re a cheapskate reading this post from another city, look at St. Louis for your next move and start saving your hard-earned cash.

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