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HomeSnap-The Shazam for St Louis Real Estate Information


HomeSnap is to St Louis Real Estate what Shazam is to Music

HomeSnapHere’s an app that’s quick and really fun to use. It’s kind of like Shazam for real estate.  Shazam is an incredible popular music identification app that records just a few seconds of a song and then tells you all about the song.

Likewise with HomeSnap, you simply take a photo of any home and within seconds find out all about it right on your phone!
Number of beds and baths, school information, what the home’s approximate value is and much more.

HomeSnap for St Louis Real Estate Integrates with Local MLS

HomeSnap uses a combination of the sensors in your phone combined with GPS locators then magically mixes them together with MLS, tax data and public records to show you basic information on any home you point your phone at.
It works on homes not even on the market and in most parts of the country. My wife and I were recently HomeSnapping on our California vacation (it made us appreciate housing prices here) and it worked perfectly.
Check out the video below and follow the link for access to HomeSnap: It works on both IOS and Android

Click Here or On the Image Below to Get HomeSnap in Seconds … and Start Snapping!

Homesnap Invitation

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