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How a Social Media App Chose St Louis as the Happiest City in the US

St Louis Happiest CitySt. Louis Ranked as the Happiest City in America According to
Instagram Photos

Feeling grumpy today?  Here’s some fun news that might cheer you up: St. Louis was just selected as the Happiest City in the U.S.

Jetpac, is a startup company who has gotten a lot of publicity for their popular Social Travel iPad app and their just released City Guides app. Somehow they are able to analyze millions of pictures from Instagram to give insight into life in these United States.  A recent project  looked at pictures of people laughing and smiling and then apparently tracked the location of the photo … to find out where people are the happiest.

The 20 Happiest Cities in America

Can you believe that St. Louis was ranked as #1?  Los Angeles didn’t even make the list. Even more surprisingly, none of the top 5 cities were near a beach!
Based on thousands of Instagram photos from each city, Jetpac came up with the list below:

No.1  Saint Louis, MO
No.2  Kansas City, MO
No.3  Columbus, OH
No.4  Indianapolis, IN
No.5  Pittsburgh, PA
No.6  San Antonio, TX
No.7  Minneapolis, MN
No.8  Jacksonville, FL
No.9  Detroit, MI
No.10  Raleigh, NC
No.11  Nashville, TN
No.12  Chicago, IL
No.13  Charlotte, NC
No.14  Baltimore, MD
No.15  Tampa, FL
No.16  Denver, CO
No.17  Dallas, TX
No.18  Phoenix, AZ
No.19  Boston, MA
No.20  Houston, TX

How You Can Help St. Louis Stay in the #1 Position as the Happiest City in America

smiley face in a crowd
1.  Keep Smiling

2.  Share this with someone else

3.  Don’t be grumpy … you’ll hurt our ratings!


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