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Purchasing Value of Money State by State:Map

states where the dollar goes fartherWhich States Give the Most Purchasing Value for $100?

Here’s a simple tool to use if you are considering moving to another state.
The above map compares the purchasing value of money and how far a $100 stretches.
The numbers represent the value of goods you can purchase for $100 Dollars in each state compared to the national average.

Missouri Ranks in the Top Five States Where the Dollar
Goes the Farthest

Money goes far in Missouri-Show me the moneyThe Show Me State is also the “Show Me the Money” State  with Missouri coming in at 3rd place – where $100 will result in $113.51 in goods and services.
Mississippi comes in as the #1 location where your money goes the farthest, followed by #2 Arkansas, #3 Missouri,  #4 Alabama and
#5 South Dakota.

The bottom 2 places where you get the least amount for your $100?
Hawaii at $85.32 and Washington, DC where a $100 will only get you $84.60 in goods.

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