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The Home Buying Process in Plain English with Elizabeth Banks

Wouldn’t  it be great to hear about the home buying process in plain English?
No spin, easy-to-understand, straight talk sprinkled with sarcasm and comedy to keep it fun?  Here it is!  The National Association of Realtors, and their website, put together a 5 episode series starring Elizabeth Banks. Elizabeth, who has appeared in the Hunger Games, Lego Movie, and Modern Family, now debuts as your witty guide to buying a home.

don't miss outSummary of Episodes

Each episode is only  2 minutes or less.

Episode One-Knowing If You’re Ready  Elizabeth poses the deep questions of life, money, real estate and relationships.

Episode Two-Mortgage Lending 101 Elizabeth walks you through the mortgage process and talks about her new startup venture “Raincoats for Cats”.

Episode Three-The Search  You’re ready to start and haven’t even broken up with your spouse yet in the process! Kudos! Learn Elizabeth’s tips for Open House Etiquette

Episode Four-The Offer  What does Don Corleone from the Godfather, have to do with you making an offer on that dream home?  (Sorry no spoilers you’ll have to watch)

Episode Five-Closing the Deal  Elizabeth so eloquently states, “Before enjoying one of life’s most exciting experiences … first you have to endure one of life’s most tedious ones.”

keep educating yourselfInteractive Guide to Buying a Home

If you would like to keep educating yourself and learn more about buying a home then check out our Doorsteps program.
Doorsteps is an interactive guide to buying a home that lets you proceed at your own pace. Get guidance through interactive quizzes, ask the right questions before taking the leap. Easy to use and very informative. Check it out here

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