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How to Sort Through Real Estate Listings to Find Your Gold Nugget

sorting through listing information

How to Sort through Real Estate Listings
For Better Search Results

How can you get better search results while you sort through real estate listings online? It’s easy to get a lot of homes to look at. How do you find the gold, your next home?
Prospectors sort and sift through a lot of rocks, dirt and sand before they find gold. If it was an easy process than gold would not probably be as valuable as it is.
The successful process of finding your home can require some digging and it isn’t always fun. Here are some tips and tools to save you time and effort.

treasure huntWhere’s the Gold Located?

Where should you be searching and where are the matching homes for you?
How much gold (your price range) do you have to search with? That will determine the location of your treasure.
If you have a price range of $225K-275K and want a 4 bedroom home on a 3 acre lot … it probably will not be in Ladue!
Map Based Searching might be a simple way to start the process though not as effective as more powerful methods.

Map Based Searching

Map based searching is a great way to start to locate homes in your price range.  Simply enter the price range and every home that matches will appear on the map.  This is a quick way to see  geographically where the homes are located.  Try it now if you like, or keep reading for even better tips and more powerful tools.

too much dataHow to Sort if You Get too Many Search Results

Remember that the secret to finding the gold is to sort and sift, then sort and filter more and drill deeper to arrive at your gold nugget.
The more homes you can disqualify … the closer you will get to the right one. We’re going to show you how …

sorting through listing information (2)Using Advanced Search Tools

Josh and Sarah are searching for a 3+ bedroom home in a price range between $225-275K  and were pretty open to location. When they clicked the search tab they had 214 matches. That’s a lot of listings to sort through.  What would the results be if they wanted to define their wish list a little more? What would happen if they drilled a little deeper?

The video shows how they narrowed their results from 214 to 11 properties.

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