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St. Louis-Lowest Gas Prices in the Country

According to Gas Buddy 3-12-19

Comparing Gas Prices in St.Louis to Other Cities

Most cities do not like appearing on the lowest list of anything. Not so when it comes to gas prices, where St. Louis ranked as having the lowest gas prices in the country.

Gas Buddy, a popular gas price tracking website, found St. Louis had the cheapest gas in the country with an average of $2.13 a gallon. How does this compare to other places?

  • National average for regular grade gas -$2.50
  • Highest average cost in the nation? San Francisco at $3.39
  • Lowest average – St. Louis at $2.13 per gallon

St. Louis is An Economical Place to Live

St. Louis is a very affordable city to live in. Did you know that it ranked #4 in the top 20 cities where you get the most for your money?

Did you know St. Louis is One of 6 Cities Where You Can Own a Home for Under $1,000 Month?

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In the meantime if you live in St. Louis … fill her up!

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