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St. Louis #4 In Top 20 Cities Where You Get the Most for Your Money

St. Louis Ranks #4 in the Top 20 Cities Where You Get the Most for Your Money

Where will your paycheck go the furthest?  Look no further than St. Louis who just ranked #4 in the list of the top cities where you get the most for your money.
The popular blog Indeed just published their annual article of cities where you can get the most bank for your buck, and cities where it’s the hardest to make ends meet.
Jed Kolko (See detailed article), the chief economist at Indeed said,

“When looking at jobs in different local markets, a dollar is not always a dollar – and sometimes it isn’t even a dollar.  Paychecks go further where housing and other costs are lower.  This is the dilemma job seekers face: The places with the highest salaries also have the highest cost of living.”

List of the Top 20 Cities Where You Get the Most for Your Money

Way to go St. Louis!  Did you know that St. Louis was listed as best place to retire for under $40,000 a year?  St. Louis was also listed by MarketWatch as one of six cities where you can own a home for under a $1000 a month?   Not bragging, I’m just sayin …

Cities Where It’s Hardest to Make Ends Meet

Anybody notice a theme among the hardest places to make ends meet locations?  How about the proximity to a beach?  Looks like the beach will definitely cost you.
Why not live in the Midwest, pocket your savings and visit the beach?

How to Compare Cities

Here’s a great tool to help you compare the city you currently live in to one of the many communities in St. Louis.  In fact, you can compare any two cities in the country and see the results in under 5 seconds! First …Watch the video below and then try it out yourself by simply clicking here  Call Finding Homes for You at 636-532-4200 to find out more about the St. Louis Real Estate Market and check out the additional posts at the bottom of this page.






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