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Using the New ChatGPT-4o from OpenAI to Help You Find the Best Type of Real Estate Agent for Your Home Search

OpenAI just introduced ChatGPT-4o and many believe it will completely change the AI assistant game. The question is can you use ChatGPT-4o to help you as a potential buyer find the right kind of agent for your home search?

Putting ChatGPT-4o to the Test Regarding the Choice of a Real Estate Agent

The Video below is the result of our first conversation with the newest Chatbot from OpenAI.
We posed the question that goes through many homebuyers minds … “What kind of agent should I use?”

There are basically 3 choices available to the buyer:

  • Listing Agent
  • Traditional Buyer Agent
  • Exclusive Buyer Agent

We opened ChatGpt 4o for it’s opinion, and here’s how it responded:

Why Have I Never Heard of an Exclusive Buyer Agent Before?

Because (in our opinion) the majority of real estate efforts are focused on listings and getting the home sold for the seller. There’s nothing wrong about that and God knows the market needs more listings at this time! Another factor in play here is, you can make a lot more money in helping people list their home compared to helping someone buy a home. The mixture of these dynamics can sometimes leave the buyer feeling a little under-represented in the process. Finding Homes for You decided to swim against the tide and we’ve been working for the Buyer only for the past 20 years.
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