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Don't Get Caught in a Panic Buyer Scenario

Don't Panic

April 30th is the deadline for the Federal Tax Credit

You are probably aware that in order to take advantage of the tax credit you will have to have your home under contract by April 30th and you must successfully close by June 30th.

3 Reasons You Do Not Want to Wait Until the End of April to Enter Into a Contract

  1. The competition will be even stiffer for the best homes that are still available.
  2. Things might go wrong in the contract negotiations, building inspection, etc. and your contract might not go through leaving you little time to regroup and move on to the next potential home.
  3. Don’t kid yourself. The Seller knows that you are under the gun and need the house under contract to get the $8000. You could be losing some of your negotiating leverage with the Seller!

There are a lot of moving parts in play when your purchase a home including, inspections, disclosures, mortgages and more.  So … you need to act now while there are plenty of homes to choose from, interest rates are still low, and you can avoid making a hasty decision under pressure.

It’s not too late!  Give us a call today at 636-386-0659 and we can share with you how to streamline the whole process protecting you all of the way through to the closing on your new home!

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