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Why Businessweek and Bloomberg Chose Crestwood as Best Place to Raise Kids in Missouri

Find Out How Businessweek and Bloomberg News Selected Crestwood as the Best Place to Raise Kids in Missouri

What was the winning recipe that landed Crestwood the “Best Place to Raise Kids” in Missouri Award?

Have you ever sat in one of your favorite restaurants enjoying your favorite dish and wishing you had the recipe? Behind every sumptuous meal is a great recipe.  Crestwood has the recipe that’s attracting home buyers and the national media.

What Is The Recipe for a Best Place to Raise Kids?

When individuals move either for occupational reasons or just a lifestyle change, they move for overall living standards and opportunities for their children. Quality of schools, cost of living, available amenities, and personal safety are a few of the factors to consider. The problem is how do you find all of that out? Businessweek and Bloomberg has done some of the heavy lifting for you and here’s how they did it.

The researchers evaluated 4,169 cities in the U.S. that had the following requirements:

  • The crime index had to be less than 10 percent of the national average
  • Population between 1,000 to 50,00 people
  • Median family income had to be within 20 percent of the state median income

How the Cities Were Scored to Qualify for a Best Place to Raise Kids

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Each area was then assigned a score based on the following:

  • Education (school scores, number of private and public schools, and colleges)
  • Economy (median family incomes, cost of living, job growth, and unemployment)
  • Amenities (accessibility of day-care centers, zoos, aquariums, museums, theaters and recreation centers along with air quality.

School performance, expenditures, and income were given the most weight.

Crestwood’s Performance and Score

Ranked #1 Place to Raise Kids in Missouri

Population: 11,194

Median Family Income: $70,668

Average School Math Score: 83.79 (State average is 54.13)

Average School Reading Score: 83.79 (State average is 51.68)

Award-Winning Schools in Crestwood Missouri

Crestwood is nestled in the Lindbergh School District.  The Lindbergh School District has been ranked No.1 among Missouri K-12 districts by based on Missouri Assessment Program test scores. Crestwood and Long schools have both been named National Schools of Character and have been listed in the top 10 elementary schools in the state.

Congratulations to Crestwood for Having the Winning Recipe for the Best Place to Raise Kids!

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