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5 Tips for A Sucessful St. Louis Home Purchase

5 Things You Should Do to Prepare for St. Louis Home Buying

It’s almost spring and the peak home buying season is almost upon us. What you can do to be prepared:

  1. Get Your Financing In OrderWhen Buying a St. Louis Home

    Know what you can afford and what you are comfortable with for your mortgage payment. Speak with a lender and get pre-approved … not pre-qualified.  Finding out what you qualify for makes shopping for a home easier and will help you manage your expectations.  (Remember more expensive homes always look nicer)

  2. Determine the Most Important Factors You Want in Your St. Louis Home

    Do you need more space, a certain school district, a bigger yard, a shorter commute to work, a certain number of bedrooms, etc.  Trying to determine these things upfront will help you eliminate the homes that don’t fit your needs.

  3. Know Whether or Not You Want to Purchase a St. Louis Foreclosure or Short Sale Home

    Foreclosures and Short Sales can take a lot of time and usually require minor to extensive repairs completed before moving in.  Make sure that when you see the verbiage “Needs some TLC” that TLC doesn’t mean Tons of Loving Care!

  4. Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk with Your Spouse or Significant Other

    If you are buying a home with your spouse or significant other, sit down and find out what each others wants and expectations are before you jump in to the hunt. Communication is key to relieving stress and minimizing conflict during the home buying process.

  5. Get Professional Help

    No, we’re not talking about marital counselors or psychiatrists! Seriously, even though the Internet provides easy access to MLS data and listing information most buyers are better off using a professional agent. What kind of agent? Someone in my family, from my church, on a for sale sign, etc.? (Keep Reading)

Get a St. Louis Exclusive Buyer Agent Working for You

Articles keep appearing in the media about the wisdom of using an Exclusive Buyers Agent in your home search.
Kiplinger, Smart Money Magazine, CNNMoney, along with the department of Housing and Urban Development are suggesting this approach.  Why?  Because an Exclusive Buyer Agent only works for Buyers and never for the Seller.  This is one of the best ways to insure that your home buying experience will receive the highest level of protection and representation.  Your Exclusive Buyer Agent only works for you at all times and can help you avoid many common pitfalls experienced by home buyers.

If You Are Planning to Buy a Home in the Next 60-120 Days 

Call Finding Homes for You before you call a traditional real estate agent or the agent on the for sale sign. (636-532-4200)  We can help you find a lender, building inspector, discounts on title insurance and save you time and money. We will position you to win this spring and summer.  Call Now for Details! 636-532-4200  We are Exclusive Buyer Agents who only work for you!

Call 636-532-4200 today or email us at


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