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Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report for St. Louis 2011-2012

Remodeling – Cost Vs the Value Report for the St.Louis Area

If you want to know the cost of remodeling in St. Louis vs the value for resale read on.
Remodeling Magazine just published their annual report with information that’s valuable to both Sellers and Buyers.  What remodeling projects return the biggest percentage for resale?  What is the average cost for replacing a deck, a minor kitchen renovation, etc?

The Value to Sellers

How much should you invest in your home to get it ready to sell?  What project will bring you the biggest bang for your money?

Example: Did you know that the average cost for a Sun room Addition is $74,119 yet you will probably only recoup 38.9% of your investment?  Maybe it’s better to redo your deck where the report says you’ll recoup an average of 59.5% of your investment.

The Value to Buyers

You’ve found a home you are considering for purchasing but it seems to be priced more than the comps are showing for the neighborhood.  You get a very specific list of the improvements that the Seller has made … but are there selling expectations really in line with reality?  The Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report is a helpful tool to have in your buyer’s arsenal of info weapons!

Data Samples from the Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report for the St. Louis Area

According to the Remodeling 2012–13 Cost vs. Value Report


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