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How to Find The Commute Time from Any St. Louis Home For Sale

Who Spends the Most Time Commuting to Work Every Day?

Have you ever wondered if other people in St. Louis spend as much time in their car commuting to work as you do?  Do people living in O’Fallon spend more time driving to work than people living in Maryland Heights? Just put your mouse over the map and see what the average travel time to work is for each zip code.  If the commute to work is irritating to you and you’re considering moving … do yourself a favor and check out this cool tool.

Finding the Commute Time of any St. Louis Home for Sale

spending too much time in trafficIf you’re looking at homes online you can now have your commute calculated in seconds without leaving the screen and/or having to go to other mapping programs. The video below will show how easy it is to find out what your projected commute time and corresponding monthly fuel cost would be from that home you’re looking at online. After the video, why not check it out yourself by continuing your home search on Finding Homes for You. The map will appear at the bottom of each detail page for every home on our site.

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