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How to Find St. Louis Open Houses with Your Smartphone

Open-HousesFind St. Louis Open Houses and
Price Reductions with Your Smartphone

How can you find St. Louis open houses with your smartphone?
If you enjoy going to open houses but hate wasting time driving around looking for them … this post is for you!
Let’s face it most of life (and opportunities) happens away from our desktops while we are out and about.
We are all becoming untethered from our PCs because we need information to be mobile and accessible upon demand.

Here’s a typical scenario: You’ve gone to the big box real estate web sites and have picked out some homes with upcoming open houses that look interesting.  You’ve even printed them out on paper to take on your house-hunting journey.  The day comes, you get to the open house … and discover it’s nothing like what you had expected. On top of everything else it’s in one of your favorite neighborhoods and you hate the thought of having to go back to your computer to come up with some alternative homes to view.
What can you do?  The answer could be right there in your hand …

Find St. Louis Open Houses

How to Use Filters for Better Mobile Search Results

So what about the poor couple in the scenario we just mentioned?  With our mobile app all they would have had to do is tap the little circle in the upper right hand of the app to get their current location.  Next, they just tap the Open House buton and within seconds any home having an open house in their proximity will appear with all of the information. You can even refine your results by just putting in what price range you are interested in. Or, look at all homes in that area that just had a price drop.  There’s plenty of options to get very focused information in seconds.
Why drive around burning up fuel (and patience with your loved ones) when everything is right there in your hand?  Watch the video below for a quick demonstration:

Save Time and Focus Your Search with Finding Homes for You Mobile Application

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You can start using the app within 60 seconds: Download Here

Call Finding Homes for You at 636-532-4200 if there’s an open house you would like to know more about before you go!



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