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What Your Zip Code Says About You and What You’ll Buy



Find Out What Your Zip Code Says About You  and Predicts
What You’ll Buy

We are a nation of ZIP Codes and neighborhoods. Your zip code gives a good indication of who you are, attitudes, and brand preferences. See how the next generation of  data called Tapestry describes yours.

Plug in your zip code and see what big data and marketers already know about the biggest marketing segments in your location. Esri is a mapping software company who overlays geography with demographic data from the Census and marketing data from GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence.    Are you ready to start?

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You Found Your Zip Code-What Kind of Demographic are You Surrounded By?

Whether you’re trying to decide where to move or start a business or where to buy a house, the Tapestry Segmentation Project will clearly show you the make up of an area.
Is the area primarily surrounded by “Dorms to Diplomas“?   Dorms to Diplomas describe college students, whose median income is $17,000, never go anywhere without their cellphones and are “impulse buyers who experiment with different brands.”  Or maybe the demographics are on the opposite end of the age and income spectrum called “Top Tier“, people who have an accumulated average net worth of $1.5 million, live in the suburbs or coastal areas and are, “attentive to good nutrition and fresh organic foods.” Additional market segments are known as: Laptops and Lattes and Prairie LivingDisclaimer: Please don’t send me snarky emails, I’m only quoting from their info!

The Merger of Big Data and Real Estate Search

Are we catching a glimpse of the future from this in regards to Real Estate?  Will there soon be an option beyond just the number of bedrooms/baths to include areas where lots of lattes are consumed, tattoos are plentiful, or people are busy discussing their investments and their next trip to the Hamptons?  Who knows?

Here at Finding Homes for You we are attempting to keep up with search technology.  We can show you how Starbucks could possibly help you find the next great place to live, or how to find a home on a cul-de-sac or homes for sale near a golf driving range.   If you in the stages of research you might  like location-based  instant demographics on your mobile device click here
We are into searching and helping you find the best home in the best location that will reflect your lifestyle preferences.

If you’d like to know more about our services to home seekers and buyers call us at 636-532-4200.

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