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St Louis Predicted As Top 10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2016

2016 Real Estate Predictions

St Louis Becomes a Top 10 Real Estate Market to Watch in 2016

Coming in 2nd place nationwide, St Louis was chosen as a Top 10 Real Estate Market to Watch in 2016. Coming in right behind  first place Providence Rhode Island, this news took many in the real estate community by surprise who are accustomed to seeing cities in the South or Southwest as top winners.  According to who introduced this data, affordability proves to be  the key to growth especially for younger people with families.

How St Louis Made the Top 10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2016

Data.  Don’t you love simple answers to complex questions?  Chief economist, Jonathan Smoke, in the Housing Forecast, focused on the top 10 up-and-coming metro areas in the country. They looked at past trends and the seasonal variations of housing and economic data for the largest 100 markets in the country and came up with a statistical model to predict future values for home sales and prices.

Hot real estate marketsWhat Will Make the St Louis Real Estate Market Hot?

Extensive data is collected and used to determine the hottest markets where home buyers and sellers are the most motivated and active.
Hot markets show a forecasted  growth that is equal or better than the U.S. average.  In addition, according to, the markets on this list show 60% more listing page views (where people are looking on the web) and homes are selling 16 days faster than the US average.
So move over California, and East Coast with your un-affordable housing prices, St. Louis is going to give you a run for the money!


Should You Look for a St Louis Home for Sale in the Winter Months?

Absolutely!  Even though it might seem a little counter-intuitive and unusual timing think about this … most Sellers do not like to list their homes this time of year.  You have the Holidays coming up, travel plans, yada yada.  Really, a root canal looks a little more attractive than listing your house this time of year.  So you as a Buyer, might be able to find some motivated Sellers, who for whatever reason, have their home on the market now instead of the typical busy season of spring and summer.  Be sure to read “4 Reasons You Should Look for a Home in December
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