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St Louis Top 10 City for Veterans Wanting to Buy a Home

Veteran Home Buyer
How St Louis Was Chosen as a Top 10 City for Veterans to Live

A new study performed by  the Veterans United Home Loans  organization chose St. Louis as a top city for veterans to live and buy a home.

St. Louis came in 5th place right behind Oklahoma City, OK.
The purpose of the list was to narrow down the list of potential cities based on the main concerns veterans face.
Each variable in the survey was sorted into one of three weight categories: high importance to veterans, medium importance to veterans and low importance to veterans. Each city’s final score was determined by its ranking in each of the 17 variables multiplied by that variable’s weight.

Veteran with FamilyConcerns of Veterans

Each year thousands of Veterans transition out of their respective careers to face the large task of adjusting to civilian life.
Some of the top challenges faced are the employment picture and a place they can call home.  Each city chosen for this list was put through a grid of 17 different variables/concerns expressed by veterans and scored accordingly.

High Importance to Veterans

  • Veteran unemployment rate
  • Median home price
  • Percentage of monthly income spent on monthly home payment
  • Percentage of monthly income spent on rent
  • Percentage of veterans living below poverty line
  • Veteran population as a proportion of total population
  • Cost of living compared to national average
  • Job growth percentage (as of 2013)
  • Educational attainment (percentage of citizens with high school diploma or higher)

Medium Importance to Veterans

The Top 10 Cities for Veterans

The final rankings were determined by each city’s total score, with the lowest score winning it all. Here are Veterans United’s Top 10 Cities for Veterans to Live:

Top-10-Cities-For-Veterans (1)

Congratulations to St. Louis Ranked #5 in the Top 10 List

Are you looking for a great affordable place to live?  Check out St. Louis and the family friendly areas surrounding our community.  Why not start your search now? Start Here
Finding Homes for You appreciates your service to the country and will fight for you to find your next home.  We only work for Buyers and your interests will always rank first.

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