St. Louis Homes for Sale With 4 Car Garage

Where to Find Homes with 4 Car Garages or More in St. Louis

Direct links to St. Louis Homes for Sale with 4 car garages or more … to good to be true?(Links are at the bottom of this page) 

Did you know that According to the Department of Energy, a quarter of Americans with two-car garages can’t park in theirs, and another third can only squeeze in one vehicle?   Sad.


seinfeldUnderstanding the Life and Death Cycle of Things Cluttering Your Garage

I heard Jerry Seinfeld once say that the garage is the last place things go to die … before going to the garbage.

You know how it is. Around the beginning of the year you are not quite sure what to do with some of the stuff you’ve accumulated.  You don’t have the courage to pitch it so you compromise … and it goes to the basement!

Then the basement starts filling up, you start freaking out and take action by moving stuff to your garage (which has also been called the Intensive Care Unit for junk that is about to get pitched.  So now you (talking to the males here) are working in your garage (a man’s haven) and find it harder to navigate a path to your car (if you are fortunate enough to be able to have a car IN your garage) you continue this journey  tripping over more stuff that you don’t really need, but have not yet decided to make it a talking point in your relationship with your significant other.

You need an intervention. What are your options?

A.  Send in your application to appear on A&E’s “Hoarders”.

B.  Actually de-clutter the garage and join a support group to help you stick to your goal.

  1. C.  Take advantage of Finding Homes for You’s “I’m Going Crazy and I Just Need a Home with More Garages” therapeutic program.


Finding Homes in St. Louis With 4 or More Garages

Here are the links to garage heaven:

St Louis County Homes for Sale With 4 Garages or More

St. Charles County Homes for Sale with 4 Garages or More 

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