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St. Louis Home Buyers:St. Louis County Crime Map

St. Louis County Police Department Crime Incident Map

The city of St. Louis was recently in the news due to a national study calling it the most dangerous U.S. city.  This annual report usually causes a stir and city officials are quick to point out that crime has continued to go down each year since 2007.  So far in 2010 crime is down 7%.

What about crime in St. Louis County?  Is it a big problem, what crimes are taking place and where?  Check out the beta site from the St. Louis County Police Department and become a more informed home buyer.

St. Louis Home Buying Guide:Crime Incident Mapping-St. Louis County

The last couple of years St. Louis has gotten a bad rap when it comes to crime reporting.

It wasn’t too long ago I was speaking to an out-of-town individual who was considering moving to the area and wanted to know if drive-by shootings were a big problem in Chesterfield.  Not that Chesterfield is 100 per cent crime free, but St. Louis County often gets lumped in with St. Louis City when it comes to crime.

The crime reporters seldom differentiate between St. Louis City and St. Louis County.  St. Louis City is one municipality and one police department covering some of the lowest income zones in the entire region.  St. Louis County has 91 municipalities and unincorporated areas covering a lot of territory.  The authors of the study admit that it’s too difficult to get reporting from these 91 municipalities so they simply leave them out of the report!  So what is the reality?  You really have to do your own homework and check it out yourself.  It’s also good to talk to the police in the area you are considering moving to.

In the meantime, take advantage of the St. Louis County Crime Incident Map

If you are interested in the city of St. Louis see our post about their Crime Incident Map

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