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Ballwin Named to 10 Best Towns for Families List


 Ballwin Missouri Chosen by Family Circle as Top 10 Best Towns for Families in the Nation

Congratulations to the City of Ballwin for being named to this exclusive list of the “10 Best Towns for Families in the U.S.” by Family Circle Magazine.

How the City of  Ballwin Won Family Magazine’s 10 Best Towns for Families Award

Family Magazine highlights cities and communities that provide: affordable housing, good neighbors, green spaces, strong public school systems and  giving spirits. The results are published in the August 2012 issue of the magazine which you can pick up at any grocery store in the area.

How Did They Pick the Winners?

The survey was put together with the help of Onboard Informatics, a research firm that provides real estate, demographic and other data. They put together a list of 3,335 cities and towns with populations between 11,000 and 150,000.  From that list some 1,300 localities were chosen having a high concentration of households with a median incomes between $55,000 and $96,000 were selected.

The Winning Recipe for a Best Town

The winners had to have these ingredients to make the prestigious list:

Affordable Homes/Quality Schools/Access to Healthcare/Low Crime/Financial Stability

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Ballwin Homes for Sale

I just checked the MLS today before posting this and saw there are currently 241 homes available.  Maybe one of them is your next home!

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Ballwin Missouri

Population: 30,746
Median Income: $82,758
Median Home Price: $192,000
Households with Kids: 36%
Student/Teacher Ratio: 16:1
Great Schools Rating: 9

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