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18 Most Challenging High Schools in Missouri

most challenging high schools

What are the 18 Most Challenging
High Schools in Missouri?

14 of the most academically challenging high schools are right here in St. Louis. 
Challenge produces excellence in all areas of life perhaps none more important than education. These schools were selected by the Washington Post recently as having the most rigorous curriculum.

How Did the Washington Post Make the Selection?

most challenging high schools in MissouriJay Matthews, an education columnist for the Washington Post, has compiled a list for several years focusing on schools that have a high percentage of students taking college level classes. According to the article they used a simple index score.

The index score is the number of college-level tests given at a school in the previous calendar year divided by the number of graduates that year. Also noted are the percentage of students who come from families that qualify for lunch subsidies (Subs.Lunch) and the percentage of graduates who passed at least on college-level test during their high school career, called equity and excellence, (E&E). A (P) next to the school’s name denotes a private school.”
See full article on how the list works

1Metro Academic & ClassicalSt. LouisMO60.0045.005.667
2John Burroughs (P)St. LouisMO94.0010.003.173
3Ladue Horton WatkinsSt. LouisMO70.0010.002.813
4Rockwood SummitSt. LouisMO47.5018.002.556
6Grain ValleyGrain ValleyMO32.7028.002.386
7Park Hill SeniorKansas CityMO46.0029.002.362
9LindberghSt. LouisMO41.7013.002.326
13Park Hill SouthRiversideMO29.4920.001.569
14Parkway WestBallwinMO37.5014.001.497
15Parkway SouthManchesterMO33.6016.701.343
16Parkway CentralSt. LouisMO26.6018.001.308
17North Kansas CityN. Kansas CityMO20.0054.001.277
18Parkway NorthSt. LouisMO26.2025.401.268

St Louis Homes for Sale in Award Winning School Districts

Do you feel that your child is not being sufficiently challenged in their current school district?  If so, take a look at the homes for sale in some of the school districts mentioned in the article.
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Ladue School District Homes for Sale
Rockwood School District Homes for SaleEurekaLafayetteMarquette
Clayton School District Homes for Sale
Lindbergh School District Homes for Sale
Kirkwood School District Homes for Sale
Parkway West
Parkway South
Parkway North

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