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Average Commuter Stuck in Traffic 42 Hours Per Year

stuck in trafficHow Much Time Do You Spend Stuck in Traffic?

Did you know that the average Commuter spends 42 hours stuck in traffic every year?

A new report out by the Texas Transportation Institute estimates U.S. highway congestion costs $160 billion a year, including from lost productivity, gas burned while idling in traffic and additional wear and tear on vehicles. Their report went on to say, “In 1982, motorists spent an average of 16 hours a year sitting in traffic jams, by 2010, that time had grown to 38 hours.”

You read it right folks … we are spending almost an entire week every year in our cars trying to get to work!

What Are the Average Commute Times
in St. Louis?

Ever wondered about how long it takes other people to get to work compared to your daily journey?  You will enjoy the map below. Just move your mouse over the different parts of the map to see what the average commute times are. You’ll either experience the misery loves company feeling, or my deal’s not too bad sentiment.

How to Find the Commute Time
for Your Next Home

If you are looking for a new home it just makes sense to factor in the commute time.  We’ve made it simple for you by adding a clever little widget at the bottom of each of the listings you will see while looking at properties online.  The video below will show how easy it is to do.

Click here to try it out now  See how what the potential commute time is from every home that’s for sale.  Maybe you can escape or lessen the commuter pain from your next home!



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