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How to Use Homesnap on Apple TV

Homesnap and Apple TVApp Brings Real Estate Map Searching to TV-How to Use Homesnap on Apple TV

Finding Homes for You announced today that St Louis Real Estate map searching is now possible on your TV with Homesnap’s Apple TV app. Download Here  The Apple TV app lets users search for listings on their TV and sync searches between their phones and TV. Searching for real estate has made the leap from the i-Phone to your living room TV. This post will show you how to use Homesnap on Apple TV.

girls-gathered-around-cell-phoneReality Photo Check: Can the ladies in the picture really look that happy – when they’re all trying to see the same tiny screen?
Forget about crowding around a phone together to look at listings. Bring the whole family into the room where they can view St Louis Real Estate listings on your big screen TV in the comfort of your home.

Set Up Your Own Search on Your TV

Set up your own search filters on the TV and then just jump around from home to home using the Siri remote.  Save homes as favorites, or see where all of open houses are this weekend all from your family room big screen TV.

How to Use Homesnap with Apple TV

  1. Download the app to your phone
  2. Go to your Apple TV where you will see the app under the purchased category.
  3. Download the app to your TV and fill in your login information and password.
  4. That’s it!  Your phone is now synced with your Apple TV.

Homesnap and Apple Tv photo
Expand and extend the Homesnap experience from the small screen to the big screen today. Your phone and TV will be linked together seamlessly making your home search and/or research more enjoyable for everyone.

Download Homesnap Here for your phone and then head on over to your Apple TV and start browsing!  Call Finding Homes for You at 636-532-4200.  We are dedicated to empowering Buyers with the tools and experience to make your home search a success!



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