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Can You Find A Great St. Louis Real Estate Agent in a Grocery Store?

Finding a 5 Star St. Louis Real Estate Agent

Clean up in aisle 4 please.  Attention shoppers Free food samples today in aisle 3! Real Estate Agents in aisle 10?

Next time you are in the grocery store you might find something you’re not even looking for… a recognized, proven, real estate agent.

No, you won’t find them loitering around in the produce department with their Blackberry or i-Phone looking for customers. What you will find is the newest edition of St. Louis Magazine and their annual listing of St. Louis 5 Star Real Agents.

What is a 5 Star Real Estate Agent and Why Should I Care?

(Please pardon a proud dad for a second and I will answer the question) My son, Sebastian Richert, and I (pictured above)were both 2012 winners of this award. Thanks everyone for your support!

So why should you care?  Because it can help narrow the field of potential agents you may choose to help you with your next home purchase.

Vetting an Agent

Webster describes the word “Vetting” as follows:

  • to subject to usual expert appraisal or correction (like vetting a manuscript)
  • to evaluate for possible approval or acceptance (vetting a candidate for a position)

Instead of an agent telling you how wonderful they are, the winners of this award were actually chosen because the people who  purchased a home through them used and loved their service.  A “vetted” real estate agent.

One of the reasons Yelp or Trip Adviser have been so popular is because people want to know what other people thought about  the quality of a restaurant before they waste an evening out, or before you book a room at a resort. People want to  hear feedback from somebody who’s been there, done that.  Click here to see what people are saying about us


How The 5 Star Real Estate Agents Were Chosen

The video will explain it really quick!

How will you choose your agent?  Will it be a relative, a friend of a friend, someone from your church, the guy on a road sign?

If you had a $100 to spend on a night out … would you eat at a 3 star restaurant or a 5 star restaurant?

You’ll be laying down a lot more money on a home than a meal out.

Why not choose a 5 Star Agent?


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