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Rockwood School District Tax Rate Lowered for 2015

Rockwood School District Tax Rate to Actually Decrease

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Here’s a headline you won’t see too often. You read it right. The Rockwood school district tax rate is decreasing for 2015. The Rockwood School District has set a 2015 property tax rate of $4.60 per $100 of assessed valuation, a decrease from the 2014 rate of $4.72.

What Does this Mean to Home Owners in the Rockwood School District?

home equity in nest eggThe savings in property tax will depend on what your assessed home value is. For an example; the owner of a home valued at $250,000 would see a decrease of about $58.19 in district taxes under the new rate, as long as the home’s assessment remains the same, according to the district’s legislative and chief financial officer Tim Rooney. The St. Louis County assessor says the home values in the district are going up approximately 3.8% during this reassessment year.

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How Does a Highly Accredited School District Not Raise Property Tax Rates?

If you’re a reader of our St Louis Real Estate blog, you already know that the Rockwood School District is widely acclaimed. See past posts about the Rockwood School District. So how did they not raise the rates?

The voters in April approved Prop 4, which as a $68.95 million bond issue that included no tax increase. Superintendent Eric Knost said the rollback came at a good time and “Our community is seeing the benefit of our bond issue, while their tax rate is now actually decreasing.”

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Homes for Sale in the Rockwood School District

Sounds good to us.  Lower taxes, great schools, low crime rates, and great home values. Check out some of the many great homes in the Rockwood School District which covers a wide area:

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